Unique Programs


Families Moving Beyond Abuse (FMBA)

 FMBA is a collaborative marriage between the Bullitt County Family Court team, the Cabinet for Permanency and Protection (CPS) and treatment providers for both mental health and substance abuse. Our mission is to offer holistic services to parents that have lost their children or are in danger of losing their children to the child welfare system due to substance abuse. We are not only focused on healing for the individual but restoring their family systems. FMBA is an intensive program, combining substance abuse treatment, community support collaborations, mental health services, parenting and sober social events with the structure of family court expectations and case management. Graduates of FMBA not only get the opportunity to raise their children in sober and health homes, but also benefit from an alumni association for continuous support and a review of their plea for reduction of charge intensity to name a few. FMBA originated in 2010 as a grant funded program and has sustained program status following the closing of said grant in 2016. 


Teen Drug Court


The Bullitt County Teen Drug Court is the first of its kind in our community. The mission of our Drug Court Program is to meet the needs of the youth enmeshed within the court system. Several of our youth enter the court system as a direct result of decisions stemming from their relationship with substances. Our goal is to empower our participants as they work to rebuild sober and healthy lives within the structured format of a court monitored program. Participants journey through a phase system where they are required to attend school, increase their grades, decrease truancy and/or acting out behaviors, pass drug screens, attend scheduled therapy sessions as well as routine court appearances. Participants are required to provide written explanations of how they are implementing changes as they progress within the program. Our program works as a collaborative unit to include families, the school system, court systems, cabinet workers and treatment providers. Our primary focus is to address as many barriers to progress as we can and to celebrate their successes. The Bullitt County Teen Drug Court originated in January of 2018 and our program has proven to have a successful impact on those whom have completed the program. 


At Promise Youth (APY)


At Promise Youth is a piloted education program working with adolescent males and females between the ages of 12-17. APY is designed to be a client focused, strengths based holistic program that not only addresses current problematic behavior (aggression/violence, bullying, substance abuse, school disruptions, sexting and/or truancy) but strives to empower our members to dig deep and get to the root of their stories. Utilizing group, individual, and family therapy, role playing, physical fitness, youth career development supports, and mindfulness practices our members will acquire the skills to build healthy connections, trusting relationships and self-compassion. Supported and empowered by our APY team, our youth will explore their life experiences and determine which people, events, and behaviors they are prepared to discard as they become aware of how they conflict with their life goals. For this project, REACH is in collaboration with the Bullitt County Juvenile Court Team, the Bullitt County Court Designated Worker’s (CDW) office, a Mt. Washington police officer, Prosecution Team, local inpatient treatment providers and the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). The programs successful initiation is the sum of the strong collaborative efforts from these community agencies. . 



Spring Meadows

REACH partnered with Spring Meadow's therapy team in April 2018 to create a comprehensive substance abuse treatment experience for their young male residents. Since the foundation of the program, over twenty youth have come through our program with successful outcomes.  


Working in the School Systems

REACH Program staff & Alum are always excited to participate in anti drug campaigns and activities to support our youth. 

REACH has been a part of the team for A Day of Shattered Dreams, several Truth & Consequences, health classes and open forum discussions with students, parents and other professions.


Color Your City

Color Your City is a 501c3 most known for written work within the jail systems locally in Bullitt county. CYC has utilized the arts to bring  much needed attention and light to life behind bars. CYC has been an avenue for those incarcerated to share their struggles and their stories.