Shepherdsville Office

Services Offered


Group Therapy

Group Times Offered:

Mondays:  9:00AM-12:00PM (IOP)

Mondays: 5-630PM (Women's Group)

Tuesdays: 9am-1030AM

Tuesdays: 11am-1230PM (Men's group)

Wednesday: 9am-12:00PM (IOP)

Wednesdays: 4PM-5PM (APY-Males)

Thursdays: 9am-1030AM

Thursdays: 4PM-5PM (APY-Females)

Thursdays: 5-630PM

Friday: 9am-12:00PM (IOP)

Saturday 1x per month: Marijuana Education

Helping Men Recover & Women's Empowerment Group

Helping Men Recover is a gender specific men's group utilizing the curriculum designed by Stephanie Covington & Dan Griffith.  HMR is a program designed to support men as they walk through where they have been, where they are and where they are going. Trauma informed and person focused, HMR is a empowering and effective path for men to use toward  self discovery. 

Men's Group meetings: Tuesdays @ 11am

Women's Empowerment Group is a gender specific women's group designed to meet the needs of women in recovery. Our mission is to create the "warrior woman" within while addressing trauma and the stories of shame women create around their sense of worthiness. Our mantra is simple "Empowered Women Empower Women"

Woman's Group Meetings: Mondays @ 5PM

Individual & Family Therapy

Come and spend time with one of our qualified therapist to work more intensely on a program of self exploration. Individual therapy sessions give members the platform to tell their stories in a safe and none judgmental arena while getting support and feedback on coping skills & life tips.


We understand that addiction is a family disease. Families that heal together have a much higher success rate for long term recovery. Learning the valuable difference between enabling & support is critical. Learning about self care and boundary setting can mean the difference between healing and resentment building. Family investment and engagement are valuable parts of this experience . 

Anger Management & Parenting Classes

Anger Management Services are  offered in individual and group sessions by certified specialists.

Parenting classes are offered in evening and morning sessions. Classes are pretty intensive and cover a wide assortment of parenting topics. 

Call for more details (502) 531-0999

At Promise Youth (APY)

“At Promise Youth” redefines risk factors and provides our members with solution focused skills to achieve wholeness and increased well being within themselves, their families and their communities. The mission of APY is to decrease the amount of juvenile cases opened within the court system, decrease educational disruptions (truancies, suspensions and/or expulsions) and to support clients within their families and communities. APY is a holistic approach to treatment, education and prevention.

APY targets young males & females (12-19). Services include weekly gender specific groups, individuals and targeted case management *TCM.