Bardstown Office (Nelson County)

Services Offered


Group Therapy

Group Times Offered:

Thursdays: 7:15PM-8:45PM

Woman's Group (TBA)

Prime For Life-1st offense DUI Groups

weekend and night classes

Helping Men Recover

Helping Men Recover is a gender specific men's group utilizing the curriculum designed by Stephanie Covington & Dan Griffith.  HMR is a program desinged to support men as they walk through where they have been, where they are and where they are going. Trauma informed and person focused, HMR is a empowering and effective path for men to use toward  self discovery. 

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

REACH Program offers full DUI services to include: DUI Assessments, Referrals, Case Management, Treatment Planning and group therapy as well as the accelerated-20 Hour Prime for Life curriculum for qualifying first offense cases. REACH has been a certified DUI site since 2013. 

Prime For Life-Education program utilized to provide evidence based programming to individuals needing services but do not meet criteria for treatment

Individual & Family Therapy

Come and spend time with one of our qualified therapist to work more intensely on a program of self exploration. Individual therapy sessions give members the platform to tell their stories in a safe and none judgmental arena while getting support and feedback on coping skills & life tips. 

We understand that addiction is a family disease. Families that heal together have a much higher success rate for long term recovery. Learning the valuable difference between enabling & support is critical. Learning about self care and boundary setting can mean the difference between healing and resentment building. Family investment and engagement are valuable parts of this experience .

Anger Management & Parenting

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